Wollondilly Garden and Art Trail : Rotary Club of Picton

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Event : Pride of Workmanship Awards
Location : Picton Bowling Club
Date : 28th Oct 2019
Time : 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Wollondilly Garden and Art Trail


Sunday 28 October 10am - 5pm

Visit 6 of Wollondillys beautiful private gardens with exhibitions highlighting local artists of Wollondilly Arts Group & Friends.

This event is sponsored by Parkside Patisserie Picton, Tahmoor Garden Centre, Marks Landscape Supplies & Off the Rail Cafe Thirlmere. Please support these businesses.
Funds raised support local Rotary charities & projects.
# Anna and Michael 30 Denmead Street, Thirlmere
# Lavinia Zammit 15 Estonian Road Thirlmere
# Windsong 410 Mulhollands Road Thirlmere
# Mary Campbell 'Wedgewood' 32 Picton Avenue Picton
# Hazel and Tony 1 Maidstone Street Picton
Coldenham 10 Natasha Place Picton

Single Entry $5 for one garden, Single Entry $15 for all 6 gardens and Couple/Family $25 for all 6 gardens.


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