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Fundraising for Wollondilly SES

Wollondilly SES

The devastating flood of Picton village on the 5th June, 2016 highlighted the support needed for the Wollondilly SES.

What a magnificent effort this group of vols made, from clearing blocked drains as the flood waters rose, to rescuing residents from their homes (one couple had to climb a tree, another were stuck in the roof cavity), to ensuring all seniors were evacuated to higher grounds.

Catering for all the volunteers and Emergency Service crews was a small way Picton Rotary could help.

Over 75 shops in the main street were flooded losing all their stock, fixtures and fittings.

The next day we all awoke and with dread in our hearts descended upon the town to help out where we could. Piles of rubbish were stock piled on the footpaths; 100's of locals arrived with brooms, buckets and cleaning supplies to pitch in where they could.

Rotary fired up the BBQ and, along with the Lions Club of Tahmoor, catered the iconic Sausage Sizzle.

During the next week we quietly observed the bright yellow protective gear of the SES and RFS crews cleaning up the town and public areas.

Picton Rotary recognised that the equipment they were using could have been much better with more of it. We then decided Wollondilly SES was to be the recipient of our financial support for 2016.

What do you need we asked? Pumps, chainsaws, blowers ... the list went on. So off we went shopping ( Ryobi got a big order). We ended up contributing $15,000 worth of tools and equipment to the SES. They threw us a BBQ and we didn't even have to cook!!

We hope the SES will never have to use this flood gear in Picton again but we are safe in the knowledge that if they do, at least they are well set up.

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